(featured in the Gilwell Gazette)

GG: Garry Perry, welcome to the Gilwell Gazette, tell us a little about yourself.

GP: I am the Scoutmaster for Troop 759 and the Crew Advisor for Crew 314. Both units meet at Boone Hill UMC in Summerville, SC. I am also the BSA Round Table Commissioner for the Swamp Fox district.

GG: Tell me about your history in scouting as a youth and an adult.

GP: I started as a Scout in troop 759 in 1972. I obtained the rank of Eagle in January 1980. I then joined the Navy were I had the pleasure of serving as an Assistant Scout­master in Sardinia, Italy and Kings Bay, Ga. When I retired and returned to Summerville, I happened to run across a gen­tleman wearing a scout uni­form at a wedding reception at the Air Force base. I noticed that he had Troop 759 0n the sleeve. He had just taken over as the Scoutmaster and just returned from IOLS. He was 62, never been a Scout and had never camped a day in his life. I volunteered to be his Assistant Scoutmaster and two weeks later he walked into the meeting and asked me what size shirt I wore, when I said XL I instantly be­came the Scoutmaster! That was eleven years ago and I’m still the Scoutmaster!

GG: What are some of your fondest memories of the course, either as a participant or as a former staffer?

GP: As a staff member in the past 4 courses, I always look forward to seeing the participates return the second week. I love to see the enthusiasm of each participate and staff member. Each participate has had the opportunity to reflect over all of the information that they received the first week and are eager to use what they have learned the second week.  

GG: Please give me a brief description of your role on the staff of Wood Badge 550‐11. What is the importance of the position you are holding? What are the responsibilies of this role?

GP: As the Assistant Scoutmaster for Program my role is to oversee the execution of the program as defined by the Wood Badge Staff Guide (the syllabus). It’s important that the course materials are presented exactly as they appear in the syllabus and that they are executed in the proper order. Like any good Assistant Scoutmaster, my job is to be the liaison between the “youth” leaders and the Scoutmaster. My Scoutmaster, Robert Marshall, reminds me that it’s my job to “make him look good”. I will certainly do my best.

GG: What do you tell you’re scouting friends who have not been through the course about the Wood Badge experience?

GP: Wood Badge is not just a Boy Scout Leadership course; it’s a Life leadership course.  The lessons learned from the Wood Badge course can be used in all aspects of your life.