S5-550-16-1 Course Director

Chuck Lance—Scoutmaster

12417832_10205982513982163_8323066030057870781_nGG: Chuck Lance, welcome to the Gilwell Gazette, tell us a little about yourself.

CL: I was born in South Carolina and raised an Air Force dependent, being one of four children. Dad was stationed in numerous States and Countries to include South Carolina, France, South Carolina again, Virginia, Philippines, Michigan (UP), Nebraska and finally back to what I chose as home, Summerville South Carolina. Courtney, my daughter, loves fast pitch softball and my son Brian is my Eagle Scout. I am a Maintenance Supervisor / Project Manager for DAK Americas and have worked at the Cooper River Site for 37 years with DuPont and DAK Americas.

GG: Tell me about your history in scouting as a youth and an adult.

CL: I have 25 plus years in scouting holding various positions. I began my
scouting career in 1990 as a Den Leader for my son’s Wolf Den. I held the
positions of Tiger leader, Wolf, Bear, Webelos Den leader (3x), Cub Master
(2x) and presently the Committee Chair with Pack 776. I became the
founding Scoutmaster of the newly formed Troop 776 whenever my second group of Webelos bridged up into Boy Scouts. I am also the Committee Chair for Crew 1776, a Cub Scout Roundtable Assistant Commissioner, a Unit Commissioner and assist with various District and Council trainings.

GG: What are some of your fondest memories of the course, either as a participant or as a former staff- er?

CL: Some of the best mes has to be watching my son’s excitement being able to join scouting as a Tiger Scout. Having my SPL in the Troop surprise me with the Na onal President’s Scoutmaster Award of Merit caught me off guard. I felt truly blessed and honored whenever my peers nominated me and I was awarded the Silver Beaver Award in 2013. However that pales in watching my son stand before his Troop to receive his Eagle Rank or simply being given an Eagle Scout Mentor pin. Oh the pure joy of being a Wood Badge course Guide or QM – just craziest laughter until my side hurts.

GG: Please give me a brief description of your role on the staff of Wood Badge S5-550-16-1. What is the importance of the position you are holding? What are the responsibilities of this role?

CL: My position for this course is that of Scoutmaster. My responsibility is to put together a highly functioning enthusiastic staff that will deliver a high standard level of training to the participants. To facilitate the staff developments, deliver the materials and ensure each staff member has what is needed to support the program as laid out in the Wood Badge syllabus. My ultimate goal as the course Scoutmaster is to have each Staff member and participant to connect how to Mentor the Scout in their charge with a couple of Robert Baden-Powell quotes:

“Empowering boys to be leaders is the core of Scouting… One of our most important challenges is to train boy leaders to run the troop by providing direction, coaching and support. The boys will make mistakes now and then and will rely upon the adult leaders to guide them…”

“Success in training the boy depends largely on the Scoutmaster’s own personal example.”
GG: What do you tell your scouting friends who have not been through the course about the Wood Badge experience?

CL: Wood Badge training is a great experience to gain leadership skills that assist you in your everyday life, at home, work and in the development of your Scouting Unit. The multitude of skills that are added to your toolbox will assist you for the rest of your life.